• Join fun 101.3’s host Michelle Cruz and producer Debbie for this FUN-sized podcast as they discuss keeping it real in 2020 from the point of view of two suburban moms.

    EP1 – BACK TO SCHOOL DURING COVID – August 2020 – Listen HERE on Spotify

    EP2 – OH CRAP, OUR TEENAGERS ARE DRIVING! – September 2020 – Listen HERE on Spotify

    EP3 – COCKTAILS. Michelle and Debbie discuss their unusual taste in cocktails. What is your go-to Cocktail?? Listen HERE on Spotify.

    EP4 – ARE YOU A DOG PERSON? These two reluctant dog owners talk about how they went from never wanting a dog to not being able to live without their furry friends. Listen HERE on Spotify.


What’s In The Box?
What happens at Rock Lititz?
Small Town Throwdown Winner
Back 2 School Night
Harry Styles will put you to sleep.
When it comes to buying or selling a home, have you ever heard of this happening? Check out this crazy story…
We all have seen the list, but what about those unspoken rules for safety?
How have clients lied to you? Listen as Dennis & Michelle and Funsters share how clients lie to them…
August 26, 2020 It’s National Dog Day!!!
Do you trust the Farmer’s Almanac?? According to the report…we’re in for a rough winter!!
Would you use a see through bathroom???…
You know what they say…”Fake it till you make it”
Are you a Thank You Note kinda person?? …