fun House
fun House
Could an imaginary friend really help you get through the pandemic??
Wait….they’re not actually Hawaiian rolls??
You can change your name, but you can’t change your birthday….Or can you??
What actually qualifies as a date with your significant other?
What’s your opinion on crocs?
What time does the morning start??
Is Dennis wrong for wanting to take advantage of this because he has a “teacher” badge??
Why make your brain work harder?
Have you participated in “Dry January”?
How to eat your Christmas tree
What was the hot Christmas gift in the Cruz household this year??
ICYMI: Hear Dennis & Michelle’s full interview from this morning with Meghan Trainor!!!
Dennis gets some holiday decorating tips from Alison at Stauffers Home & Garden Center! From trees to inflatables, hear what’s at Stauffers to get your home ready for the holiday season
What’s In The Box?
What happens at Rock Lititz?
Small Town Throwdown Winner
Back 2 School Night
Harry Styles will put you to sleep.
fun House
Dennis and Michelle take on parallel parking…with their teens…in the fun 101.3 van!!!
The fun! squad takes the hot seat as general manager Billy Baldwin asks pressing questions.
So we filmed this last Thursday, and it’s been over a week and Dennis still has not vacuumed the upstairs!
The fun! Squad tried four different brands of french fries and had to identify which fast food place makes which fry! Make sure to watch through the end to see who won!
Check out how well everyone did with guessing what they were feeling in the box! Watch through the end to see who won!
Who knew that some of our Fun House members had some pipes!! Who were you surprised about?
The Fun House got to visit The Traveling Tap last week for a cocktail competition! Let us know in the comments who you think made the prettiest drink!
Enjoy a quick video to lighten up your day of the fun! Squad hula hooping on Wii Fit! This was another challenge so watch through the end to see who won!
The fun! Squad got in the spooky spirit and carved some pumpkins! Let us know in the comments whose pumpkin YOU think was the best!
The fun! Squad met some pretty amazing creatures at ZooAmerica! Huge thanks to the ZooAmerica crew for such a fun evening!
From Jason Derulo to Umbrella by Rihanna, can the fun! squad guess these songs, bands, and artists?
Vince tried to teach the fun! Squad popular Tik Tok dances…. Let us know who YOU think did the best job!
For the first Fun House event, the fun! Squad went to Clipper Magazine Stadium, home of the Lancaster Barnstormers, for batting practice with Team Manager Ross Peeples.
Ever wondered if the Fun House is any good at Mario Kart? Let’s hope that they drive better on the actual road!
When it comes to buying or selling a home, have you ever heard of this happening? Check out this crazy story…
We all have seen the list, but what about those unspoken rules for safety?
How have clients lied to you? Listen as Dennis & Michelle and Funsters share how clients lie to them…
August 26, 2020 It’s National Dog Day!!!
Do you trust the Farmer’s Almanac?? According to the report…we’re in for a rough winter!!
Would you use a see through bathroom???…
You know what they say…”Fake it till you make it”
Are you a Thank You Note kinda person?? …