Ronnie Ramone

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Ronnie, like Turkey Hill products, is imported from Lancaster County. He’s been a Lancaster boy most of his life, a proud graduate of McCaskey High School and Millersville University. Ronnie knew he wanted to be on the radio from the very first day he received a Mr. Microphone for Christmas. Ronnie loves adventure and making people laugh, a skill he inherited from his late maternal grandmother. He’s been up and down the dial on radio since 1992. He’s a pop culture fanatic and enjoys spending his free time on the beach, hiking or biking state and county parks, embarking on craft beer and wine tours and loves spontaneous road trips with friends.   Ronnie is a fan of Phillies baseball (especially when they have a winning season-which is rare) and, by his own admission, professional wrestling since the age of 7. He should also weigh over 600 pounds, based on all the food he consumes.  He must have good metabolism.

Other things about Ronnie: he’s become a Vegan, he’s an ordained minister, he can tear up a dance floor (just stand back or you might get hurt) and he still remembers how to recite the names of all 50 states in alphabetical order thanks to a song he had to learn for elementary school chorus.

Anytime you want a good laugh, tune in.  You never know what Ronnie will say next.  Neither does he.  That’s what makes listening to him so much fun.  Hear Ronnie weeknights from 6-Midnight and Sundays from 1-6 pm.


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