fun 101.3, ESPN Radio 92.5/92.7 and Ferrellgas are recognizing Hometown Heroes in Central PA.

Find out below which heroes we’ll be recognizing in the future and see which heroes we’ve chosen.

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  • Congratulations to Catherine from Lebanon on being named Hometown Hero! She was nominated by her daughter Hannah for being the “epitome of everything a mother should be”.

  • Congratulations to Tracy from Marietta on being named a Hometown Hero. Tracy was nominated by her daughter Emily for being someone she admires and a person who goes above and beyond and does not expect or even want any recognition.

  • Congratulations to Jason from Lancaster on being named a Hometown Hero. Chief Greer has been a dedicated member of Lancaster City since 2007 and has served the community with great dedication. He was awarded the Medal of Valor for rescuing a fire victim from a well involved building fire. His work ethic was evident even as a Firefighter EMT, which helped him, achieve respect through the ranks.

    Jason is pictured with Vince Knight (left) and Dennis Mitchell (right).

  • Congratulations to Justin from Hershey on being named a Hometown Hero. Justin is known as a hero in disguise.You won’t hear him brag about what he does. He does it with the intention to make a difference in someone else’s life.

  • Congratulations to Shawn from Lancaster on being named a Hometown Hero. Shawn was nominated by his daughter Brittani. She says he’s the definition of a hero in her eyes and he never let her down no matter what life would throw at them. 

  • Congratulations to Bill from Annville on being named a Hometown Hero. Bill was nominated by his daughter Leanne. Leanne said her Dad is technically her Stepdad but will always just be Dad in her eyes. He’s her rock and always provided for her as a child.


  • Congratulations to Angie from Harrisburg on being named a Hometown Hero. Angie works at Hershey Medical Center. She was in the Navy, landing and refueling aircraft then put herself through nursing school and worked while taking care of her daughter while she battled cancer.

    Angie (center) is pictured with Michelle Cruz (left) and Dennis Mitchell (right).

  • Congratulations to Thomasine who works for the Eastern York School District on being named a Hometown Hero. Thomasine was nominated by Eva who said she is the most caring school nurse that your children could have. She makes it a priority to make sure that any families that have financial needs are helped, not just at Christmas, but all year long.

  • Congratulations to Matt who is a coach for NEYSA Basketball on being named a Hometown Hero. Matt was nominated by Rachel. Rachel said Matt was her daughters coach on and off since 3rd grade. He cares so much for the girls and donates so much of his time to them, he’s “just one of the best”.

    Matt (center) is pictured with Dennis Mitchell (left) and Michelle Cruz (right)


  • Congratulations to Paula from Paula’s School of Baton on being named a Hometown Hero. Paula was nominated by Jennifer, Kendra, Tracy, Jen, Maggie and Jill. She is a dedicated and passionate coach. She spends many hours a summer not only teaching girls of all ages the techniques of baton twirling but also the importance of being coachable and a good friend.

    Paula (center) is pictured with Vince Knight (left) and Patsy Sympson (right)

  • Congratulations to TJ Quinn at Kitchen Kettle Village in Intercourse. His co-workers nominated him saying he’s a selfless, inspiring leader who creates fun in the work place and makes sure all guests leave with a positive experience and lasting memories.

    Pictured left to right is Dennis Mitchell, TJ Quinn and Michelle Cruz

  • Congratulations to Ron Conard – nominated by Eric, a friend from the community. Retired Long Island firefighter, served during 9/11 and is a wonderful community member in the city of Palmyra, PA. He worked on the efforts of cleanup and rescue for the 9/11 tragedy and is a wonderful soul.

    Pictured with Ron is Dennis Mitchell and Michelle Cruz


  • Congratulations to William Kanoff – nominated by his wife Yvonne who said “Bill is my husband of 30 years.  He has given selflessly since I’ve known him. He was a Special Forces medic during Desert Storm. Has been a paramedic and volunteer fire fighter for 40 years.  Deployed to New Orleans with Task Force 1 for Katrina and last year almost died trying to save a families home. He was trapped in the building as our 19 year old son (also a vol ff) watched on.  He spent a week in the burn center. He still continues to help others.  He was born here and serves here.”

    Pictured with William and Yvonne is Dennis Mitchell and Michelle Cruz


  • Congratulations to Christine Stoner – nominated by her daughter, Ashley. Ashley said “My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1998 when I was only 8 years old.  Sadly, by the time she was diagnosed it was already in later stages and the doctors gave her and my dad a grim prognosis.  Still, she went through intense chemotherapy and radiation treatments.  Through it all, she insisted on continuing to go to work despite feeling horribly sick.  She never complained at all.  She is a miracle from God and the toughest woman I know.  She just recently celebrated 20 years cancer-free.”

    Pictured with Christine (middle) is her daughter Ashley (left) and fun 101.3’s Vince Knight.

  • Congratulations to Adriane McShea – nominated by Sharon Herman, her mom. Sharon said “This brave hero is my 25 year old daughter. Married only 2 years to her high school sweetheart, she received this devastating diagnosis of Breast Cancer on just the second day of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, two years ago on October 2, 2017. Having endured a double mastectomy, she never once complained, felt sorry for herself or questioned, why her? She is the sweetest, bravest and kindest young woman you will ever meet and loved by all who know her.”

    Pictured with Adriane is fun 101.3’s Vince Knight.


  • Congratulations to Mike Gurreri – nominated by Candice McClellan. Candice said that Mike has been selfless in leading people in the York community to come together every Saturday and Sunday to offer a free hot meal to homeless people and people with food insecurities. He seeks out donations and spends many personal hours creating menus, picking up donations, preparing food, creating schedules and so much more. Congratulations Mike!

  • Congratulations to Susan Myers – nominated by Heather Drescher. Heather said that Susan goes above and beyond for her community. “She gives away prizes of all sizes on special dates. She is always there for the community when in need. She owns a small mom and pop store in Wrightsville called Sue’s market. She is just unbelievable!” Congratulations Susan!

  • Congratulations to Christine Waltz – nominated by Sue, Alyson, Jaqui, Kim and Vanessa.  Christine is “the founder of For the Love of a Veteran Inc. and is especially busy this time of year sending care packages to deployed troops and making backpacks for homeless veterans. At Christmas she also sends gift cards to active duty and stateside veterans. She has a cookie bake and fills stockings for everyone deployed.” Congratulations Christine and thank you for all that you do!