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101 The Rose Bus Trip

Jun 18, 2012 -- 2:59pm

The 101 The Rose bus trip on Saturday was fantastic!  Weather was a perfect! Sunny 80 degrees - couldn't ask for anything better!  Got into NY @ 10:30 - my friends Terri, Sharon & I headed to Soho for a Food Tour.  We got there an hour early, so we had time for a Mojito!  We sat outside & met a couple of transplanted NewYorkers who now live in New Jersey & come into the City for the weekend sometimes.  They were SO FRIENDLY (What's this about NY'ers being rude? I've not found that to be the case!)  Anyway, they were a Social Worker & an Artist & after we exchanged cards (Yes, I HAVE THEM) I felt we had started our trip in a great way!  Mojio's & new friends!  We had done the Greenwich Village Food Tour a couple years back & loved it!  After years of "wandering around" (& enjoying it- don't get me wrong) It was great to actually take a tour & find stuff out!!!  These guys are great & very knowledgeable. . . pointed out comedy clubs & bars where big names came to make it big & STILL come back sometimes to test out their material, before taking it on the road for a National tour!  Plus, these food tours. . . well, have LOTS of great food!  Some of the best NY Pizza, ethnic food from Italians, Greeks & Indians, just to name a few.  And, these are walking tours, so we felt a LITTLE better about all the delicious, but not necessarily HEALTHY food we enjoyed!  There were a couple sit down places on this tour, where we enjoyed another Mojito or 2 & finally after 3 /12 hours our tour came to an end!  We'd sampled home-made pasta, smoked mozarella, falafel balls & some yummy sweets too! If you wanna check them out it's 

After the tour we had time to go to Chelsea Market (I picked up some Dark Chocolate Vinagrette, which I'm dying to use!  I DID sample & it was wonderful!)  Walked a bit of the Highline & then walked back to meet our bus near Times Square.  I talked to most everyone on my bus (& some of the other, as well) & everyone had a blast!  Did so many different things in the Big Apple.  Lots of people went to the Seaport.  What a wonderful day it must've been to see the boats on the water.  One of our younger Rose listeners was very excited about her purchases at the American Doll store.  The Theater District for a show, Chinatown, Empire State Building were all popular destinations.  ONE young man choose this trip to propose to his girlfriend  in front of the Statue of Liberty!  There were jokes made about losing liberty, but it was a wonderful sweet time & her family was there to witness her surprise!  Everyone knew, but the bride to be!  Congrats to Sheena & Steven! 

So, as you can see a good time was had by ALL!  Hope you can come with us on the next bus trip, cause believe me. . . there'll be more & I'll ALWAYS volunteer to host!  You guys are the best!  Here's one of the many pics I tool. . . wanna see more?  Become a friend of mine on Facebook- they're all posted there!


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