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But I'm Not Dead...Yet!!!

Mar 04, 2014 -- 3:10pm

Nothing quite a scary as working at a funeral home and suddenly seeing someone kick their way out of a body bag! That's what happened with poor 78-year-old Walter Williams in Lexington, Mississippi. Just before funeral director Byron Porter was about to being the embalming process, Williams began kicking inside the bag to get out. He had been pronounced dead after the coroner arrived at his home and found no pulse.

But at the funeral home, Williams began to breathe and kick. Holmes County Coroner Dexter Howard said Williams has a defibrillator that may have fired up his heart again. Paramedics picked Williams up from the funeral home and took him to an area hospital, where he has been receiving treatment. For his part, Mr. Williams said he simply thought he had been sleeping. His daughter, Mary Williams said, "He doesn't remember any of it, really."

I bet he'll wish he was dead when he gets the hospital bill.

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