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You Calling Me Cheap?

Oct 01, 2013 -- 3:26pm

I've been called CHEAP at least a few times in my life.  I always take exception.  I prefer the term FRUGAL.  It's all about maximizing the opportunities to save yourself some money, especially in this day and age where everything is going up except wages.  Let me cite a few examples for you which may explain why I am either FRUGAL or CHEAP.

When I was younger I used to go to the Park City Mall in Lancaster a lot.  I'd get hungry.  Well, rather than spend my allowance at the food court, I'd pay a few visits to Hickory Farms and enjoy the free samples.  Then I'd head to the chinese stand in the food court, where free samples were in abundance.

When I'm at a hotel or motel, I am the guy who takes all the soaps, shampoos, lotions and conditioners they leave in the bathroom.  Then I call the front desk and tell them I never got any, so they send up more and I take those too. 

I've even been known to stop by the fragrance stores on the way to a date and enjoy a spritz or two of cologne from the testers they put on the counters.

I've sat through time share meetings just to get the free gifts.  But, rather than listen to their sales pitches, I've put my earbuds in and turned on my iPod so I didn't have to hear what they were saying.

And yes, I've even returned outdated grocery items after going out earlier in the day to purchase replacements for the outdated items so I had a current receipt and the money I spent was not going to waste.  Gotta love the looks on the faces of the store managers when I tell them I discovered they sold me outdated food items and I didn't catch it until I got home.  Ok that one might be borderline mean because people could've lost jobs because of me.  But you get what I was trying to accomplish, right?

But while I am FRUGAL, or what some people would call CHEAP, I've never gone the extreme couponing route.  If it takes too much effort, it's not really worth it to me. 

I have many more examples of how to stretch or save money.  Email me if you'd like to hear those examples.   


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